What do the day tours include?

Depending on whichever package you paid for each tour contains different landmarks & activities. Personalize your own tour contains 15 sights which has; The Historic Auburn Ave, Martin Luther King Museum, The Georgia State Capitol, Centennial Olympic Park,  & the Outkast Mural Day Tour packages contain over 30 Atlanta attractions including Historically Black Colleges & University District, Tyler Perry Movie Studios, Slutty Vegan, the John Lewis / Nipsey Hussle mural & more art, to even Krog Street Tunnel.


Can my kid(s) come on the tour?

Yes! Hop’NGo Tours is an all-inclusive family-friendly tour. We invite all ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, ages, and personalities on this tour. The only tour kids are not allowed on are the CBD & 420 Friendly Tour. So please plan accordingly!

Do we offer hotel pick up and drop offs?

Yes. Upon purchasing your ticket, a drop-down menu in the “booking section” will ask you which central location would you like to be picked up at. Choose one location for pick up and you will be dropped off at the same location also. There will be a $10 fee if you need to be dropped off outside of our centralized locations. All locations are safe and oftentimes security is provided .


What do the mid-day food tours include?

This tour package is a half sightseeing (with hop on off capabilities) half food tour! Along with 20 Atlanta landmarks and attractions, we have  hand-picked 3 restaurants for your enjoyment. Cuisines will vary as we partner with local restaurants to bring you the best dishes from well-renowned chefs from around the world. But don’t worry southern cuisines are at the top of our food list!

Do you offer group rates?

Rates are adjusted depending on the number of people and which tours you and your group want to attend. There is a $100 deposit for groups over 4 people. Goes toward the full purchase of the tour.

How long do the tours last?

Tours range from 2 hours up until 4 hours except the personalized tour which is an A La Carte package which allows you  to add on various features like extra hour of sightseeing and Lunch transport. 


Can we customize tours?Yes. Tours are fit to accommodate the average solo traveler, girlfriend trips, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties,  and history enthusiasts. But if you want a different side of Atlanta then contacting a sales rep for more help is strongly advised.

Where can we buy tickets?

Sightseeing tour tickets can be purchased from 3rd party sights but will include various fees and taxes. 

What time do tours start?

Day Tours begin at 9 am with hotel pick 15 minutes before tour begins.

You can request any day & or food tours anywhere in between 9 am- 5 pm. 

Will lunch be or dinner be included?

Lunch is NOT included but is incorporated within the Personalized Tour but can be an add on if you choose. 

Day Tours has lunch incorporated. All lunch is out of pocket expense for each traveler unless  the VIP experience is added to the package. The VIP package will have you skip the line at some of the most famous and some undiscovered restaurants Atlanta has to offer. Your food/ platter will be ready upon arrival. THE VIP EXPERIENCE IS ONLY OFFERED TUESDAY - FRIDAY. 


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Do we have to wear a mask?

YES. To prevent the spread of or the possible spread of COVID-19 or Delta Variant, you will be advised to wear your mask. If any displays of symptoms of COVID occur prior to boarding or while on tour we will ask that you excuse yourself from the bus. (NO REFUND AVAILABLE).

Cancellation Policy?

All tour tickets are FINAL SALE. If you are late to the tour, you are considered a no call no show! We do allow a 5 minute grace period but you will need to get in contact with a sales representative to keep us informed.  A refund will not be available for NO CALL NO SHOWS or LATE ARRIVERS ! Email confirmation as well as arrival & departure times are  listed on the website ! So please don’t be late. 

Last minute booking?

Tours are available for purchase a week in advance ONLY. Last minute bookings, depending on the number of riders will require a $50 dollar deposit for convenience fee. Tours over 5 riders will require a $100 non refundable fee.

What Should We Wear?

Keep it simple and cute! There will be a lot of walking, hopping on and off the bus, so please No heels! Check the weather so you're not overdressed or undressed but there are plenty of Photo Ops so dress to impress. We strictly prohibit bonnets on our busses! Yes we know your hair has to be protected and on a rainy day purchasing an umbrella or hairbrella will be your best option. But Bonnets & slippers are strongly prohibited and guests will NOT be allowed a refund but will be able to reschedule for another tour. Lastly, our earliest tour is at 9 a.m., there will be no Pajamas allowed on our tour busses. So please be aware!

Need Further Assistance?

Call us anytime at (678) 748-7747 or send us an email at